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Many of you know that I love WordPress. org.  Like many folks, I am a self taught WP junkie and consider myself at a basic intermediate level in my actual abilities, but conceptually, I think I understand a lot more. 

When I find WP plugins that offer good functionality and plays well with themes and plugins, I like to share that knowledge with others.  One such plugin is WP-Insert from the guys over at SmartLogix.co.in.  

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I use it on most of my websites.  Aside from the awesome ad insert functions, this plugin has a really nifty function… and that is the “legal pages” insert!  

There are 4 legal pages offered:

1. Privacy Policy

2. Terms and Conditions

3. Disclaimer

4. Copyright Notice

Talk about saving bunches of time, you can even edit each page so that you can customize the information!

Today, I noticed that it was not in the WordPress.org Plugin libarary, so I jumped over to the Smart Logix website and found this tidbit of important info:

This is from the Smart Logix website:


“WordPress.ORG has temporarily removed Wp-Insert plugin from the Repository because the GEO IP Country Database we use for the Geo-Targeting feature uses a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License instead of GPL.

We have followed GEO IP Licensing terms by mentioning its usage as well as providing a link back in the pages where the Database is used inside the plugin and is hence fully compliant with GEOIP terms. Since WordPress.ORG requires all libraries used in the plugin to be GPL we will have to redevelop the whole feature branch (or perhaps omit it altogether if a viable GPL alternative is not available).

You can download Wp-Insert directly from our site until the issue is resolved.”

Wp-Insert Plugin Download Link  (This link opens the download file.)

WP-Insert Tutorial Page  This link goes to Smart Logix’s Wp-Insert page.

SmartLogix.co.in   Smart Logix’s home page. 

[FYI…These are not affiliate links.]

Considering that Smart Logix business is WordPress,  I am confident that they will be on top of this delimma and get Wp-Insert coded to meet WP requirements.


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