WordPress Attack!

Hackers are at it again! 

We must stay vigilant and monitor our websites all the time!

Below is a screen shot of WordFence’s WordPress attacks.  (so cool!) Keep in mind this a snapshot of one moment in time. 

If you want to see this map in realtime go to WordFence.com .  Keep in mind WordFence is showing about 3% of the actual WordPress-WordFence traffic. 

My good friend and WordPress guru, Darnell Smith (Dallas, Tx)  sent out a headsup email this morning to his WordPress meetup group.  Here is his email:

“I was just informed this morning there is a group of hackers that have been attacking WordPress based sites over the past 48 hours across the Internet, and a number of my clients became targets this morning. They were sending floods (1,000s of accesses per second) of traffic to WordPress powered sites in an attempt to overload the servers.

Technicians have been working on blocking the attacks, but this group continues to modify the style of the attack to get around the blocks. They have been monitoring various online forums for new information on the attacks and methods to block, implementing those as quickly as they can.

Over the past three hours, there have not been any new attacks, but they are continuing to monitor the servers.

With this said you might want to make a backup of your current website just in case you are one of the lucky ones that gets hit by this hack group.

If you want to do it yourself make sure you do these things at least. With these any WordPress site can be restored:

Backup these things:

  • wp-confing.php (file)
  • .htaccess (file) “this file might not be visible via FTP”
  • wp-content (folder)
  • the SQL database used for the website


  • favicon.ico
  • googlea6170c854be67a7c.html (this file is for google analytics and will be named something like this)

If you need help with this let me know or I can do it for your for $35 because it take about a good hour to do.

BusinessInTheBlack.com – Extra Services link


 So if you need help with backing up your website give Darnell a shout.  His prices are always reasonable and he is someone you can trust! 




NOTE:  I am not an affiliate for WordFence or Darnell Smith.  I mention products, people and services that I use and/or find useful and worthwhile.

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