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Happy Wednesday! I was going to write a nice article however, I have a bad case of brain fog from a sinus infection.  I think it is the pits to be sick during the summer.  I suppose the heat makes you feel worse.   Be aware of APPLE spoof-fake-phising-hoak emails making the rounds.  They look like the real […]

WordPress Plugins – Wp-Insert

Many of you know that I love WordPress. org.  Like many folks, I am a self taught WP junkie and consider myself at a basic intermediate level in my actual abilities, but conceptually, I think I understand a lot more.  When I find WP plugins that offer good functionality and plays well with themes and plugins, I […]

Flippa Auction

Hello Readers! Please check out my Flippa auction for SIX fabulous “EZ Money”  type domain names.   This is an excellent opportunity for someone to jump into the online business niche.  These domains offer several different opportunites to the buyer.  Are you unsure how to get started online?  I offer a free 15 minute consulting session […]

Updating WordPress to 4.2.2

Have you tried updating you website to WP 4.2.2 and it just won’t update? Well you are not alone! It seems that Wp 4.2.2 is tempermental and wants to be a diva, so here is the secret to getting your WP install to update: Deactivate all of your plugins! Yup, this should allow you to […]

Three WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

  Three WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities The guys at WordFence are hard at work fighting several new threats. Here is the info direct from their Blog:   http://www.wordfence.com/blog/ Wordfence 2015 Update and Three Plugin Vulnerabilities You Should Know About 2015 is going to be an exciting year for WordPress publishers. WordPress growth continues to accelerate and the focus […]

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