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Links and Resources for the Domain Industry.

Hello Readers!

If you are new to Domain Names and are looking to get into domain investing….

I recommend that you visit these four very valuable and insightful websites to begin your RESEARCH…. that is right research.  Do not waste you money until you have read about domaining from the real experts and gurus. 

But before we get to the list, here is something that you need to know NOW:

Domain Investing is NOT easy and it is NOT a get rich quick opportunity.  Matching a domain to a possible buyer is not easy.  You need to be sales oriented, thick skinned and be able to think out of the box.  Read, study and invest time into your education about domaining and doing business online.  It will pay you dividends!  Be patient and read-read-read!

kc drink off 2Of course there are more than four gurus to check out, but these 4 will get you started and you will learn from them who else is the real deal when it comes to domain names:

1. –  Elliot Silver’s blog.  One of the best places to start with your online adventure in domaining.  Elliot tells it like it is. He is the real deal and offers excellent advice.  Be sure to go through his Archives and read, read, read!

2.  – Michael Cyger’s mission is to provide a guide of sorts for others on Domaining.  He offers up wonderful and interesting advice and peppers that information with fantastic interviews and “tv shows” with seasoned domainers.

3. – No list about domaining is complete unless Ron Jackson’s Domain Name Journal is on the list of guru websites.   Ron’s website is the Domain industry’s defacto online web magazine!  DN Journal is chaulk full of domain name sales history, guru interviews and insightful articles regarding domaining.

4. iGoldRush.comThe online domaining “encyclopedia”. This website contains the definitive collection about the nuts and bolts on domain names and the domaining industry.  Their domain guide is here:   iGoldRush Domain Guide.   Super domainer, Morgan Linton has joined the iGoldRush team and works with Paul Goldstone on providing valuable domain information.

When you are new to something it is easy to get overwhelmed and the above four websites are, in my opinion, the best to read for factual information for the newbie. 

Please check out our page DN News  for a links to recent domain name industry news.


Here are links to quality Domain Blogs with factual and useful information: (Arcoplex)


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