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WordPress is one of the easiests, yet advanced web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. The best part is that it is FREE! Go to for more information.

WordPress Plugins – Wp-Insert

Many of you know that I love WordPress. org.  Like many folks, I am a self taught WP junkie and consider myself at a basic intermediate level in my actual abilities, but conceptually, I think I understand a lot more.  When I find WP plugins that offer good functionality and plays well with themes and plugins, I […]

Updating WordPress to 4.2.2

Have you tried updating you website to WP 4.2.2 and it just won’t update? Well you are not alone! It seems that Wp 4.2.2 is tempermental and wants to be a diva, so here is the secret to getting your WP install to update: Deactivate all of your plugins! Yup, this should allow you to […]

Monitor Your Website Security!

It pays to monitor your website security!  I run the WordFence security plugin.  Every so often I go into the live traffic records and look at who and what has been trying to access my website. This is one of the things I love about WordFence, it allows you to easily see IP addresses of […]

WordPress: Hacker’s Favorite Target

  It seems that WordPress is a favorite brute force target among website “thieves”.  I call them thieves because that is what they do, STEAL.  They take your website and use it for their nefarious activities.  You loose control of your website and your good name.  These criminals can ruin a great website and create untold damage […]

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